Michael S. Bovy, age 63, of Addison

Written by Brust Funeral Home on November 29th, 2018

Michael S. Bovy passed the last week of November 2018. He was 63.

Michael was the loving brother of Ann, Mary Jo (Tim), Marc (Jamie), and Jennifer (Jiggs), and niece Kerrianne (Brandon) and nephews Casey (Abby) and George.

Michael was preceded in death by parents Norman (2016) and Jean (1992).

Michael marched to his own drummer, had his quirks, could be trying at times and was very stubborn. (A trait he got from our mother). But he was the brother that was perfect for us. He taught us patience, understanding, acceptance, and diversity.

While Michael enjoyed his solitude, he always enjoyed family gatherings. Even though he would sometimes retreat when the crowd got to be too much for him, he would always welcome your company next to him on the couch to watch TV with him. Michael was not a man of many words, but he always got his point across. He was a smart man and knew a lot. When he spoke there was always something to learn from it.

We will miss him greatly and will cherish our memories that we have.

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