LORRAINE M. HERRERA, nee Jordan, age 80, of Downers Grove,

Written by Brust Funeral Home on February 27th, 2012

LORRAINE M. HERRERA, nee Jordan, age 80, of Downers Grove, formerly of Lombard, died February 23 at her home.

Memorial will be held later.
Arrangements were by Brust Funeral Home, 135 South Main Street, Lombard.

Mrs. Herrera is survived by her son, Jim (Lori) of Lombard; her daughter, JoAnn (Ed) Hurst; eight (8) grandchildren, Jon, Heather Herrera (Justin), Meagan (Tim) Grassman, Anthony, Matthew, Caitlin, Chloe and Tom Hurst; two (2) great-grandchildren, Alyssa and Anthony; her sister, Marlene Johnson; and many nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Herrera is preceded in death by her sister, Jeanette (the late Ralph); two brothers, Michael, and Jim (the late Louisa); and her brother-in-law, Bob Johnson.

Mrs. Herrera was a resident of Lombard 50 years. She enjoyed travelling with family extensively. Mrs. Herrera was an avid Cub fan. She was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Lombard. Mrs. Herrera was a loving mother. She loved Lilacia Park.

Arrangements made by Brust Funeral Home, 135 South Main Street, Lombard.
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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    Grandma was simply the best grandma in the world. She was a religious cubs fan just like the rest of my family and I could always count on talking about the latest sports topics with her. Not only was she the best sports fan around, but she always was fun to be around. She could make anything from shopping for mustard to ordering a pizza a fun time. Grandma will be dearly missed by everyone who knew her and we will never forget her.

  2. Chloe Hurst says:

    Some say that age slows us down. However, Grandma was the exception to the rule. The older she got the quicker she became. Her comebacks grew whittier and funnier with each day. Spending a day with Grandma ensured a day of laughter. While laughter was important, her food was even better. I considered her to be the world’s best chocolate fudge and banana pudding pie professional. While I know that I will never taste her hand made fresh fudge on my tongue or listen to her perfectly delivered remarks in this life she will be remembered each and every day of my life with the warmest of feelings I know that someday we we will sit down at a table in heaven and gorge ourselves on pudding pie and giggles.

  3. Caitlin Hurst says:

    My grandmother carried love in her heart for anyone and everyone, and no matter what, never held a grudge. Except for any team that beat her beloved Chicago Cubs. Her unconditional love for others and the Cubs amazed me throughout the 19 years that I knew her, and I will never forget to always carry that love in my heart for others as she did everyday. The unforgettable impact she made on so many of the lives that surrounded her is something I wish to achieve by the end of my lifetime. My grandmother will always be an inspiration to me in the way I lead my life, and her time spent here will be a constant reminder to me that each day is a gift and not a given right. I love you Grandma and I’ll watch another game with you when I get up there too.

  4. Meagan Herrera Grassman says:

    Lorraine Marie Herrera was an excellent grandmother. I talked to her three hours before she passed away. In this conversation I believe I got all my favorite parts of my grandma. She would complain about how American Idol was two hours stating “how can you stay awake for that two hours”. In the same sentence she said “I Love the Jennifer Lopez show”. She was so excited for me to call for updates on my recent pregnancy and spending the day with my dad, her son Jimmy. She was not only a grandmother she was all of our friends. She would like it when we played pranks on her like when we were little we would lose our baby teeth at home and save our teeth for when we slept at her house because that tooth fairy had more money then the one at home. She was funny smart, and always was there to give us advice and listen. I will miss her for the rest of my life and will always tell my unborn children how wonderful she was.

  5. Mary Ann Viscomi says:

    My Dear Aunt Lorraine,

    One word to describe her best is SUGAR. Aunt Lorraine loved her sweets! I remember a song that is so appropriate for her that was a hit in the 1960’s call “Sugar.” The first verse goes like this: You are my Candy Girl and you got me wanting you! Her sister, Marlene, said she had candy everywhere: candy dishes in her home, purse, pockets and was always offering it to anyone she came into contact with.

    Over the summer I took a day off during the week and decided to try a new recipe I had the pleasure of tasting at an open house. It was called “Death by Chocolate”. In a trifle bowl, you layer cubes of chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, whip cream and then nestle toffee crunches. Repeat the layer. By the time I was done, I realized I needed another trifle bowl. I definitely made too much for my family. All of a sudden the doorbell rings, and here comes my Aunt Lorraine and her son Jimmy Herrera. OMG! I answered the door and couldn’t believe it. It was way too funny! She was in her glory. Such simple things made her happy!

    The morning after my Aunt Lorraine passed away, I spoke to my Aunt Jane. She is my Aunt from my mom’s side of the family. She told me my Aunt Lorraine was always sweet. (What a great word to describe her.) My mom had a few miscarriages before I was born, and my Aunt Jane always remembers my Aunt Lorraine always going over to take care of her to help her get back on her feet so my dad could go to work. The time I am talking about is in the early 1950’s. She always remembers her a very caring person. Auntie Lorraine also took care of her own mother (my Grandmother in her home when she needed care.)

    Aunt Lorraine’s life has been blessed in so many ways with her family and friends day after day. Life on earth is just a passing thru before coming home to Jesus.

    In January 2012, my Aunt had cataract surgery. She finally did not need her eyeglasses. She had a new lease on life. She could see so much better. Last Thursday night, Jesus had decided it was time for her to come home and see him.

    I will miss you, but never forget you!

    I love you,
    Your niece, Mary Ann

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