DALE DVORAK, age 71, of Wheaton

Written by Brust Funeral Home on August 18th, 2017

Dvorak, DaleDvorak, Dale1Dale Dvorak, age 71, of Wheaton, died August 15.

Dale is survived by her daughters Lisa Paulson (husband Phil Bringle), Adrienne Stachura (husband Richard Stachura Sr.), grandsons Cameron Bringle, Ricky Stachura Jr., Maxwell Stachura, Colton Stachura, and her brother Darrow Dvorak (wife Edna Dvorak).

Adrienne says:  “Last November my Mom and I reconnected after 14 years estranged. We spent the next 9 months getting to know each other again, and forgive. My Mom passed away August 15th with me by her side. I’m so thankful we became friends. In her remembrance, I will only remember the good. The way she used to kiss the bridge of my nose and say “you have the most kissable nose!”, that my freckles were “angel kisses”, how she taught me equal rights by merely declaring my race “human” on my birth certificate, the wonder of nature by our walks among the redwoods, and the freedom and beauty of running nude on the beach (& everywhere else until the age of 7). My mom was a free spirit. I am proud she instilled a little of that in me. Please all of my friends and family, forgive the ones you love. Life is short.”


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