Jack N. Dybalski, age 92, of Lombard

Written by Brust Funeral Home on September 15th, 2017

JackNDybalskiphotoAmerican_Flag_x300Jack N. Dybalski, age 92, of Lombard.  Beloved husband of the late Dolores Lulinski-Dybalski MD.  Loving father of Jack (Catherine), David (Deborah) and Susan.  Cherished grandfather of David and Danielle.  Uncle to Darice and great-uncle to Jeffrey.

Jack was born and grew up on Chicago’s south side.  Although he was raised in the city, he was always drawn to the outdoors and spent a lot of time camping during the 1930s and early 1940s.  He and his friends enjoyed the open, still-undeveloped areas outside of Chicago along the rivers where he learned much about the outdoors and nature.  Jack’s father and future father-in-law were professional men who were also partners in a “hobby” raising gamecocks on a small farm on Chicago’s southwest side.  Jack spent a lot of time there helping; and later in life would speak of the many colorful characters he met there.  As part of his outdoors experience, Jack learned to shoot and hunt.  The skills served him well in his military experience in World War II.

Jack was drafted into the Army at age eighteen and became a member of the Third Infantry Division.  His first water landing and combat experience was in northern Africa.  Jack then moved with the Third Infantry Division to Sicily, mainland Italy, France and ultimately into Germany.  He was part of the force that fought at the Battle of Anzio, liberated Rome, helped liberate two concentration camps and ultimately made its way to the “Eagle’s Nest” at Berchtesgaden.  Jack was wounded twice and received numerous medals including the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star and an Expert marksmanship rating for his skill with a rifle along with citations for bravery and recognition of his combat skills.  He was honorably discharged shortly after the war ended with thirty-nine months of service.

Jack returned to college at the University of Chicago to complete his education in Chemistry.  He then had a lengthy, successful career where he did substantial research and managed a group of fellow chemists.  He obtained many patents for the Akzo Chemical Company and its predecessors, specializing in applications for soil stabilization and pavements. He traveled extensively for his work both in the US and internationally.

Jack was devoted to his family and circle of friends. His personality type was to stay in the background.  But when difficulties arose, he was always there to support anyone in the family or friends that needed it.  Jack enjoyed both family vacations and barbecuing in the backyard.  But he also enjoyed fine dining, classical music and the arts.   He and his wife, Dolores, moved from their “back of the yards” home in Chicago to the suburb of LaGrange Park where they spent the majority of their retirement years.  Jack bought a powerboat which he and Dolores enjoyed taking to lakes and rivers all around the Midwestern US.  Jack was particularly fond of a wide group of friends and relatives that would all gather at a farm near Cassopolis, Michigan where they hunted, played cards and generally socialized.  Jack knew the owners of the farm from the days of his youth and went there regularly for over sixty years.  Even in his later years, when duck hunting season would begin in the fall, he would speak longingly of his time spent at that farm and all the people he would meet there over many years.

Jack’s final years were spent in a senior citizen assisted living facility in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, but he remained fiercely independent.  Jack would rise almost every morning at 6:30 AM, went out for breakfast and would read the Wall Street Journal.  He had just passed the test to renew his driver’s license one week prior to his death and one month prior to his 93rd birthday.

All services private.  In lieu of flowers, donations to Wounded Warrior Project (https:www.woundedwarriorproject.org/donate) are appreciated.


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  1. Jack S Dybalski says:

    I miss you Dad. With love from your son, Jack.

  2. Phyllis Lulinski says:

    Jack was a wonderful, kind brother-in-law who will be greatly missed. He was a dear friend of my late husband.

  3. David Dybalski says:

    hi Dad
    You were a good Dad all the way around
    Great role model.
    Will miss you Dad
    Love you
    go Notre Dame

  4. Darice Martha Grzybowski says:

    Missing my dear Uncle and Godfather who was always like a second father to me. A true hero, gentleman, and best representative of the ‘greatest generation’. Reunited with Aunt Dolores, Uncle Bud, Uncle Ed, Uncle Chester and many more — I’ll always remember your sage advice, love of Profiteroles and Napoleons, SHIMOKO, and will think of you whenever I hear a John Phillips Sousa march! You will be greatly missed. Your loving niece, Darice

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