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Death Away From Home

People travel a lot in our society. They go on business trips, vacations, and family visits to other states. If they are retired, they may be touring the country or going south for the winter. What happens if a death occurs away from home? What do you do?

The first phone call to make should be Toll Free to Brust Funeral Home at 888.629.0094. Why? Because they can make all the necessary arrangements and contact the appropriate individuals to make sure everything is taken care of properly where the death occurred.

Your funeral director knows what services are needed and can coordinate all of the details, both where the death occurred and at home. This not only makes this difficult process easier, but working exclusively with one funeral director also will reduce the cost involved.

Being prepared for this possibility is a good reason for you to meet and get to know a funeral director. Their help can be invaluable if a death occurs away from home.

If you wish to talk with someone concerning a death away from home, call Brust Funeral Home and someone will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Insurance to Protect If Death Occurs Away From Home

Brust Funeral Home now is offering a preplanning insurance option that protects individuals and their families if death occurs more than 100 miles from home. For a one time fee there is protection from now until death occurs. That will cover the cost of locating a local funeral home to embalm the body and other preparation, transportation of the body and a family member back home, sending and receiving of emergency messages, assistance in clearing customs if death occurs outside of the U. S. A., processing death certificates, transportation to the death site for next-of-kin if that is required and even local legal counsel if needed.

This is becoming a popular option for people who travel a lot or who regularly spend part of each year in another location. It provides peace of mind for a possible situation that causes great concern to many people.

Contact Brust Funeral Home and ask to speak with a preplanning counselor about this funeral protection for those who travel.